Grok Day is a gathering of musicians and music lovers that can’t get enough of that old-fashioned, handheld, synthy good stuff.  Whether it’s a DS or a Gameboy, Grok Day is about sharing a passion for a medium: handheld video game console music.  What started as a meet-up for DS-10 enthusiasts has expanded to a micro music paradise.  With artists and fans converging on London from all around the world, Grok Day 2014 will be a day and a night that will never be forgotten by those who attend.  So come one, come all, and partake!

But wait… when is Grok Day?  March 1, 2014 from noon to dusk… except not dusk because that’s 5pm this time of year (curse you daylight savings!).  So let’s make it 1am.  Deal?

Um… and where is it?  Why, the Betsy Trotwood of course!  56 Farrington Road, Clerkenwell, London, England, That Island Next to France, Earth… 🙂

Does it cost anything?  Yep! Grok Day Tickets cost £10 in advance for all the Main acts and can be purchased at: http://grokday.bandcamp.com.  But if you have a heart and don’t want Cfgk24 to have to flip the extra Venue bill, a couple of drinks and a meal throughout the day will go towards releasing him of the bounty on his head (and the Mandalorian that’s been trailing him since he left France).

betsey trotwood directions


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