Official Set-list!!!

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  The official set-list of whose playing when!  Except this was written in an Asian country, so when viewed in Europe it appears upside down, with the last act listed first and the first act listed last.  It’s much more Grok that way.  🙂

12:00am Xyce
11:30pm Harley likes music
11:00pm Chipzel
10:30pm Rat Face
10:00pm Men of Mega
9:30 pm – Beer Break/Catchup!
9:00 pm Cfgk24
8:30 pm RoccoW
8:00 pm Matt Nida
7:30 pm Critical Strike
7:00 pm Spicy ‘8 Bit’ Piper
4pm – 5pm 80’s showcase!!!!!
3:00pm DJ Impedance
2:30pm Tommy Creep
2:00pm B-Type
1:30pm The VIRUS Empire
1:00pm Forbidden Colour
12:30pm Alone

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