Grok Day 2014 Lineup

This is the official lineup for Grok Day 2014.  Get this – EVERY SINGLE ACT on this page is  TOTALLY AWESOME! GROK!



Check out Xyce!

Rat Face

Rat Face

Check out Rat Face… if you dare

Harley Likes Music

Harley pic

Get rowdy with Harley!



Chipzel and Gretel… or just Chipzel!

Men of Mega


If you breathe air once a day, click here to hear Mannan Van Mega!



Grok it out with Cfgk24!

The VIRUS Empire

Jake Watts  'The Virus Empire'

The Virus EMpire wants you!



Wow RoccoW!

x Critical Strike x

xCritical Strikex

Look at them songs from x Critical Strike x !


B-Type pic

Why not a type of B-Type?

DJ Impedance

DJ Impedance - Ewan Bellamy - D A Payne on

So underground… Grok Day is the ONLY way you will hear this man of Impeding Mystery!

Matt Nida


Comme one, comme all.  If you understand what I did just there, or not, click here to hear Matt Nida!

Spicey Piper

Spicey Piper

For an up-kilt, click here!

Tommy Creep

Tommy Creep

Tommy is Creep-y!

Forbidden Colour

Forbidden Colour - Joe lowden

I just… couldn’t…. find his bandcamp, soundcloud, or youtube channel… I’m a failure… but you can hear him at Grok Day!


Alone -James Reichert

Last but not least, he’s not Alone in the group whose websites are completely introuvable for this pauvre bobo.  But you can hear him at Grok Day!

Bring your cameras and concert bootlegging equipment.  It’s going to be worth all the media rights law infringements in the world!


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